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Why does Women’s Health month matter?

Updated: May 2, 2023

May is the month to raise awareness of the many different aspects of Women's Health. From the menopause to mental health well-being and from Osteoporosis to post-natal care.

We know there is a gender health-gap and during May we will share four blogs dedicated to women's health. In the blogs we look at conditions that affect mainly women and highlight life phases where women need more care and support. We can't cover all topics to a greater depth but our aim is to inform you and if we spark your curiousity to know more, you can read further.

  • For example can you name the health condition that affects 3.5 million people in the UK and 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 will break a bone because of it?

  • Did you know that the hormone oestrogen plays a very important role in heart health? Find out why a woman's risk of cardiovascular disease increases after the menopause.

  • Would you like to know how to reduce urinary urgency and frequent trips to the toilet? We'll tell you ways to promote a calm bladder by reducing your intake of bladder irritants.

  • How many hours do you think a new mother breastfeeds or bottlefeeds their baby in their first year? You'll be amazed by the answer!

The Physical Health clinic has a dedicated Women's and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Charlotte, whose expertise is totally focused on women, areas such as pre and post-natal care, pelvic floor function and strengthening, pelvic pain and more.

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining a woman's health and we also have Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists, Sarah and Rowena, whose expert skills enable them to prescribe safe and effective exercise programmes, diagnose and treat injuries holding you back or improve your balance so you feel more confident walking and exercising.

Find out more about our dedicated women's health services, our modern clinic facilities and book an appointment with Charlotte, Rowena or Sarah by clicking here to take you to our online booking or send a booking enquiry to one of our team by emailing

Would you like to read our Women's Health blogs?

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