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  • Sarah Chapman

The Benefits of Walking at Christmas

We all know Christmas can be a time of sitting around and eating and drinking a bit more than normal. It is also a lovely celebration and a time that we can spend with family and friends.

It can be easy to let our balanced diets slip, and our exercise and activity levels slow during the festive season. However, it is still possible to maintain your health over the Christmas period. One of the easiest and most practical ways to add exercise and activity into your day is simply by going for a walk.

The joy and simplicity of walking means everyone in the family can join in. Parents, toddlers, grandparents and teenagers will all benefit by spending 30 minutes walking outdoors. It is good for both our physical and mental well-being.

Here's a snap-shot of the benefits of heading out for a walk:

The benefits of walking are endless and these above are just a few. So why not take your family out on a Christmas day walk or meet friends for a stroll and a catch up, or head out alone for some time to yourself. However you want to do it, walking over the Christmas period might be just what you need.

Tips for getting started:

  1. Stay warm and visible.

  2. Wear sensible, comfortable footwear.

  3. Let someone know you are heading out for a walk and where you are going.

You may also find it useful to download a free app to track your walks to see your progress and increase your motivation, the NHS Active 10 App records evey minute of walking activity you do.

The All Trails website hosts walking routes and trails for almost everywhere - put your location in and take your pick!

If you have a long-term health condition and need more advice on how to start getting active, check out the CSP website for plenty of advice.

As always, we're a professional and friendly bunch of qualified physiotherapists here to help you be the most active you can be. If knee pain, back pain or weight gain is holding you back from exercising and you'd like our help please get in touch for an appointment. Our clinic number is 01932 645320 or you can book online at

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