Fees and payment

We welcome self-pay clients and those using private health insurance.  We are registered with all the major health insurance companies for physiotherapy treatment. To make it simple we also do all the billing for you. For further details please click here.

All our services are open. If you would prefer a remote video appointment please get in touch and we can arrange this. All major private health insurance companies are supporting both face-to-face and video appointments.


*Please note all AXA Health appointments are 30 minutes. 


First Appointment (50mins)
From 1st Jan 2022


Physiotherapy Review 
Review appointment (35 mins)
From 1st Jan 2022

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

First appointment (45 mins)


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Review
Review appointment (30 mins)

Sports Massage 60

First appointment


Sports Massage 45/60

Review appointment


Pilates Classes*
6-week term
Gym member £60 - £72 per term (*45 min)
Non-member £72 - £82 per term (*55 min)

Drop-in class from £13.50

1:1 Pilates Tuition
45 minutes