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Physio-led Pilates

Looking for the best Pilates classes in Surrey? We only offer Pilates classes led by Chartered Physiotherapists who have taken further post-graduate training to become qualified Pilates Class instructors. We believe having a physio teaching our classes keeps you safe whilst also ensuring you enjoy a very effective workout. All our teachers are qualified with the APPI and some with Body Control Pilates. In the video below one of our Pilates class client's tells us why she chooses to come to our classes.

Our Classes

We offer small group matwork classes with something for everyone, including Mixed Ability, Beginner and Gentle and Low Impact. Our classes are mat based and often use small equipment, such as balls, resistance bands and wheels. 

Classes are recommended for those who enjoy the social interaction of a class and can commit to a specific day and time most weeks. 

Beore joining a class everyone receives a unique link to our free on-line tutorials. These tutorials enable you to familiarise yourself with basic Pilates terminology and exercises. It's also a way to familiarise yourself with your new instructor and practise at home (if you want to!).

As our classes are led by highly-skilled clinicians we believe they offer great value for money ranging from £10-£14 per class. 



It's sometimes the little extras that can help you enjoy coming to your Pilates class! We make life easy by offering free and convenient on-site parking and a brand new contemporary café in the hotel where you can sit and enjoy a coffee and a chat after a class. 

Our instructors are all very friendly and love teaching Pilates. They're here to help you feel better and we guarantee you'll enjoy every class you come to :-).


1:1 Private Sessions

Our1:1 private sessions can also be made 1:2 if you'd like to workout with a friend. These sessions are perfect if you would like highly-personalised tuition, feel you would benefit from a little more attention before joining a class or like the flexibility of booking on different times and days. 


What Our Clients Say



I think if you haven't tried a Physio-led Pilates class before, you should! I'd been to other Pilates classes before but I feel safer doing the classes here.