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Physio-led Pilates Classes

Looking for the best Pilates classes in Surrey? We only offer Pilates classes led by Chartered Physiotherapists who have taken further post-graduate training to become certfied Pilates Class instructors. We believe having a physio teaching our classes keeps you safe whilst also ensuring you enjoy a very effective workout. All our instructors are certified with the APPI. In the video below one of our Pilates class client's tells us why she chooses to come to our classes in Shepperton.

What Our Classes Offer

Our classes are held in a light and bright exercise studio at the Holiday Inn hotel in Shepperton. We have a maximum of 8 in a class and offer Mixed Ability and Gentle and Low Impact classes. Most classes use small equipment, such as soft and weighted balls, bands, magic circles and foam rollers. There is free and easy parking on-site and a café for post class refreshments! 

What Our Clients Say



I think if you haven't tried a Physio-led Pilates class before, you should! I'd been to other Pilates classes before but I feel safer doing the classes here. 

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