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Sports Injuries and Rehab

We aim to get you back to your chosen exercise or playing your sport as quickly and safely as possible

Here at Physical Health we understand the importance of getting you back to your pre-injury level of fitness as promptly as possible and minimising the effect your injury has on your life and activities. One of our MSK Physiotherapists, Sarah Chapman competed for Team GB and both Sarah and Jané Du Toit have a strong background working as physiotherapists in sport.


We can offer you sound evidence based acute injury management advice and treatment, as well as longer term rehabilitation programmes for more complex injuries and recoveries. 

With our specialist expertise we can also look into the underlying causes of sports injuries and how problems can be prevented in the future. We can offer advice appropriate to your sport, such as warm up and training techniques, as well as biomechanical assessment to evaluate range of joint motion and muscle strength.

We have access to a fully-equipped gym which is really essential when looking to rehab back to sport and physical exercise. 


We have lots of experience rehabilitating the following injuries (and many more, these are just the most common):

  • Knee Injuries - ACL repair, anterior knee pain (pain at the front of the knee), patella tendinopathy, meniscal injuries.

  • Ankle injuries - sprains, ankle fractures, Achilles tendon troubles.

  • Shoulder injuries - rotator cuff disorders, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocations.

  • Elbow - repetitive strain type injuries such as tennis elbow.

  • Back injuries - lower back sprains and strains, disc problems, wear and tear. 


We can help you tackle your injury and your rehab. 

What Our Clients Say

Sports Injury


I think if you haven't tried a Physio-led Pilates class before, you should! I'd been to other Pilates classes before but I feel safer doing the classes here. 

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