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Who's who in the Physical Health Physio Team

Question: What do you get when you combine an Olympian, with a tap-dance coach and arts performer, a multi-tasking Mum and NHS worker, and an Ironman triathlete?

Answer: The Physical Health Physiotherapy Team!

Each one of the Physical Health team has a degree (or two ) in Physiotherapy; combined we have more than 75 years of physiotherapy experience delivered across a range of settings and we also have life skills and experiences that help us to help you.

Our newest team member is Matt Saayman. A very accomplished and experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist, who has joined us from The Runnymede Hospital to work part-time in the clinic and take on the role of clinical lead for our MSK physio services.

Rowena (Labuschagne, it rhymes with Champagne) and Sarah (Chapman, it rhymes with batsman – not quite as exotic) make up our MSK team, treating clients with day-to-day joint aches and pains, such as back pain, knee pain, Osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder – or the client may have had surgery for an ACL reconstruction or a total knee replacement and in need of rehab.

Rowena also leads our Clinical Pilates service, teaching 5 Pilates classes each week and individual sessions. Rowena’s first degree was in Human Movement Science, before going to complete her second degree in Physiotherapy, so she really does understand how our body moves and how to rehabilitate people from injury.

Another specialist service we offer is Women’s and Pelvic Health Physio, and this is led by Charlotte Grammer. Charlotte continues to dedicate part of her working week to the NHS, working for the Women’s and Pelvic Health team at St Peter’s and Ashford Hospitals where she runs a Pelvic Floor Rehab class to help women build their strength, co-ordination and confidence to exercise.

Have you worked out who’s who? Sarah’s the Olympian (Badminton in Sydney 2000 for Team GB), Rowena is a qualified tap-dance coach and loves choreography, Charlotte is our multi-tasking Mum and NHS hero and Matt has completed 4 full-distance Ironman races.

If we can help you, please get in touch. Maybe our hobbies mean we can understand your injury better and our professional qualifications ensure we have the skills to diagnose your injury correctly and help you to rehabilitate safely. To learn more about our individual qualifications, extended skills and professional interests please visit the links.

To make an appointment please call the clinic on 01932 645320 or you can book online by clicking here to go to our online bookings.

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