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  • Sarah Chapman

Working at a Desk - how to ease those aches and pains!

Do you work at a desk for most of the day? Or spend large proportions of the day sitting around, not being as active as perhaps you know you should and would like?

In the physio clinic we often see people with aches and pains that can be attributed to less-than-ideal working environments, this might be home-working whilst sat at the dining table or just spending more time indoors over the winter months.

Since Covid-times more people are working from home and to add into the mix of poor ergonomic environments is also a reduced active commute. For some the working-from-home commute involves just a few steps from the bedroom to desk. It's tricky to get your step count up on these days and combined with poor postures is the perfect recipe for an aches and pains disaster.

This blog will outline some easy exercises to do at your desk alongside some simple advice to reduce the risk of enduring postural aches and pains as a result of decreased activity.

1. Break up prolonged periods of sitting with short duration activities to improve your mental alertness and circulation, for example go upstairs and sort out the washing or take a brisk 10 minute walk outside.

2. Posturite have written an excellent guide on how to set-up a comfortable and practical environment when working from home. If this is something you need, I fully recommend a read, just click this link

3. Try increasing your daily activity by doing more structured exercise such as committing to attend an exercise class, independent yoga practise or weight training, all can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

4. Set some time aside to work through a short and simple stretch and move routine.

Here's an example of a 5-minute stretch routine that we put together previously for our facebook page.

5. If you'd like a set of go-to-exercises just for you that addresses specfic areas of muscle tightness or joint stiffness, you may like to book an appointment to see one of our Physiotherapists, either Sarah or Rowena. You can do that by clicking here.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our physiotherapists please email or call 01932 645320.

You can follow us on instagram and facebook # myphysicalhealth. Thank you!

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