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Online Physiotherapy appointments

Whilst we follow UK government advice and keep you and your family and ourselves safe, we are excited to be able to maintain a fantastic and comprehensive physiotherapy service by offering online appointments using the very latest Telehealth (video call) secure software.


Online and remote access to physiotherapy, injury assessment and rehabilitation will play a big part in physiotherapy's future so we are keen to embrace this journey with new technology and start now. 

How do I book an online appointment?

You use the same booking process as before, either via the website or over the phone to Sarah on 07973 312320.


What happens next?

You will receive your booking confirmation email from Physical Health. In this email will be a Telehealth link which says Join appointment. When your appointment time comes click on this link and you will see a shared screen with our physiotherapist (similar to that below). The brilliant part is you don't have to download any software and you can use a laptop, tablet, PC or even your mobile phone to join your video call.  Telehealth video calls are safe and secure. 


How do I follow my rehab or exercises?

Physical Health use Physiotec physiotherapy exercise software. Its beautifully designed instructional videos and exercise demos give you clear guidance over your personalised home-exercise programme. There are step-by-step instructions, a tracking tool and you can view your exercises on a mobile device or PC. There is the option to print as well. 

How do I make payment?

At present we will email you an invoice to make payment by BACS if you are self-paying or we will bill your insurer as normal if you are using private healthcare.

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