Fees and payment

We have made sure our prices are competitive and affordable.  We are registered with all the major health insurance companies for physiotherapy treatment. To make it simple we also do all the billing for you. For further details please click here.

We accept card payments. 


First Appointment

Up to 60 minutes


Physiotherapy Review 

Review appointment

Up to 40 minutes


Sports Massage 60

First appointment

60 minutes


Sports Massage 45/60

Review appointment

45/60 minutes


Physio-led Pilates 1:1

45 minutes


Pilates Classes

£10 per 1 hour class

£60 per 6-week block


Registered Address

Physical Health 

Holiday Inn

Felix Lane



TW17 8NP

Contact us

t: 07973 312320

e: mail@physicalhealth.co.uk

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