• Sarah Chapman

Top-5 wins from a Physio-led Pilates class

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Are you thinking of attending a Pilates class? Perhaps you already attend a class and wonder what might be different if your instructor was a physio?

Here's the top-5 reasons why a physio-led Pilates class might be for you.

1. A physio will combine their Pilates training with their expert anatomy and physiology knowledge of how the body works and moves. Our extensive training and experience in injury diagnosis, management and rehab give you a safe but super effective workout.

2. You'll get a FREE one-to-one session with your physio where they will listen to learn more about you, they’ll watch you move and you can tell them any goals or concerns you have.

3. One size doesn't fit all. With our comprehensive training background a physio can tweak and adapt the exercises that make them more beneficial and appropriate to you.

4. The classes are small and with no more than 7-8 participants, so you’ll get plenty of attention, tips and correction if you need it.

5. If you're recovering from an injury, BINGO. You've got a physio at your fingertips that you can ask questions and get advice from.

If you'd like to book to take part in one of our Pilates classes please go to our online bookings page or contact us via the contact details on the website. If you would like to attend a class but don't feel any offered are for you please let us know. We are always looking to expand and increase the class options.

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