Physio-led Pilates Classes

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Intermediate Pilates


HIT and Core Pilates


Low Impact and Rehab Pilates

Friday 10.00 - 10.45am


Why come to our classes?

  • Firstly, it's taken by a qualified clinically trained Physiotherapist

  • Our classes are small and focused

  • We allow a max 6 participants, so your physio can monitor, guide and tailor exercises to you

  • It's important we understand any health or injury concerns, so we offer a FREE 1:1 physio session before starting a class

  • We offer fantastic value for physio-led classes at £65 for a 6 week term

  • We use a light and bright, mirrored and air-conditioned exercise studio

  • There is FREE and convenient on-site car parking

Classes are held at the You Fit Health Club at the Holiday Inn Shepperton, TW17 8NP.

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Rehab Pilates Classes

This class is suitable for everyone. Everyone can benefit from the extra guidance and advice a Pilates trained physiotherapist can offer. If you do have a history of any injuries, whether this is a back problem, knee or shoulder pain, then you can feel confident the class is small and your physio will correct and guide you. 

Men's Pilates Classes

In essence a Men's Pilates class is still a Pilates class, however having an all-men class will enable a slightly different focus and tailoring of the exercises. For example men tend to find their muscles are tighter in areas such as the hamstring and hip flexors, so we can target flexibility work for these areas.

Pilates also works on strengthening the core-stabilising muscles. This can be particularly helpful if you run, sit at a desk all day or play golf and wouldn’t normally include this kind of exercise in a programme.

Sitting at a desk, commuting whilst looking at your mobile or tablet means spending too many hours in poor postures. We can work on spinal mobility and being able to move more freely through our backs.

In short a Men’s Pilates class won’t be easy. It will throw different challenges at you that include improving your mobility, flexibility, balance and strength in a fun stress-free environment with a qualified physio that’ll motivate you and keep you going.

Gentle Pilates Classes

This class is aimed at you if you like small classes and feel you would benefit from the extra guidance and advice a Pilates trained physiotherapist can offer.

If you have or have had back pain, back or joint surgery (such as a hip or knee replacement), have limited mobility due to Osteoarthritis or other health conditions then this is a great class for you. 

The physiotherapist can easily change the position and level of an exercise to suit your needs. We have chairs around to help balance, getting on/off the floor and use other equipment to make the class safe and  enjoyable.


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